When the Snow Came…

Finally, we got the snow we have been waiting for!!  Not as much as the rest of the country, granted, but enough to have some proper snowy fun.  I was sad to learn that Daddy, having grown up in the Channel Islands where snow is rare, has never (yes, never ever) built a snowman.  So that is what we had to do!

The rolling a snowball though the snow technique didn’t really work.  This snow was quite powdery and dry, so our snowman, who the children imaginatively called Frosty, was more of a sculpted affair built by collecting buckets of snow from around the garden and moulding them with our hands.  L and N loved this, and I know it will stay in their memories.  It will certainly stay in mine as one of the best times we have had as a family – and although we didn’t analyse it at the time I think there has to be a lot of merit in a joint, co-operative effort that involved the whole family working together towards a common goal.  Mainly, it was great fun.  Childhood memories came back to me of building snowmen with my sister and grandfather, and it felt lovely to be passing those on to my children, and that one day they might do the same.

Daddy's first snowman

Daddy’s first snowman

Yes, this really is as cheerful as Daddy ever gets on a photo 😉 – I just love his expression of childlike joy!

Little F started out in her pushchair wrapped up cosy but soon made it clear that she preferred being in the thick of things, experiencing her first snow at ground level.

20012013(066) 20012013(014) 20012013(026)

20012013(016) 20012013(032) 20012013(006) 20012013(030) 20012013(028)

All three children loved jumping on the snowy trampoline.  L and N drew in the snow with their fingers, made footprints, and enjoyed a fantastic snowball fight with Mummy once Daddy and F had gone inside!

Then it was time to paint the snow.  I’ve heard such mixed reports as to what works best.  Spray bottles seem to produce a good effect and probably allow for better mixing of colours.  Some people seem to use food colouring, but watered down paint gives a stronger colour.  We used very watered down paint in water bottles with a sports lid, to drip-paint the snow.  Ideally we would have used the three primary colours for mixing fun, but we had run out of yellow, so our colours were blue, red and green, with a hint of glitter!

L and N with their snowy canvas

L and N with their snowy canvas

20012013(050) 20012013(055)

This was a great activity.  As well as producing a completely different effect with paint, it was a lovely way to do some large-scale painting, and there was a freedom to it that the children really enjoyed.

No more snow this morning sadly, but we are hopeful for tonight!





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