Top Ten Activities for a Snowy Weekend

Just in case the snow does come to our house, I’ve been having a look at some of the best ideas out there for playing with snow – and thought I’d share them with you ready for the weekend.  We started off with a snow-themed sensory bath tonight.

1. Snow Dough from The Imagination Tree

This is basically glittery cloud dough – lovely, silky and mouldable with a b it of sparkle to boot!

2. Sparkly Winter Ice Paint from Growing a Jewelled Rose

A fantastic idea to add fun to a wintry sensory bath, without too much cold!

3. Snowflake Spin Art from Toddler Approved

“Spin Art” painting using a salad spinner is something I’ve wanted to try with the children but haven’t got around to yet.  They enjoyed making and decorating paper snowflakes so this looks lie the perfect twist to keep that activity fresh and exciting, especially as I thought the spin-art might be over too quickly, the cutting and folding should keep it going all afternoon!

4. Snowy Play Dough

Another great one from The Imagination Tree – bright white sparkly play dough seems like the perfect activity once we have come inside from the cold!

5. Paint the Snow

I’ve heard varying reports as to how well this works.  Some sources suggest it works better if you mix paint with water than if you use food colouring (this has the advantage that you could use washable paint).  As well as using spray bottles, you could use water bottles with a sports cap for a “drip art” effect, or paint using big brushes, or using natural materials (leaves, twigs, you name it) dipped in paint.

6. Painting with “Snow”

Snow paint is made using equal parts shaving foam to PVA glue.  It dries puffy, and looks great fun – we can’t wait to try this (watch this space for the blog post!).

7. Make a Snow Kitchen like Sun hats and Wellie Boots

L and N love playing tea parties as well as real cooking.  This looks like something they would adore, and would tire us all out nicely having fun in the fresh air!

8. Make an Ice Mobile like the Nature Detectives

This is something I’ve been waiting to do all week.  We have silver foil trays, and plastic containers of various shapes and sizes, glitter, pine cones, leaves, all ready in the kitchen.  We saved this for a weekend activity and can’t wait to try it (again, look out for the post!).

9. Take a Close Look at the Snow

We did this just before Christmas when we had a frosty day, and it was a great success.  Of course, we will add to the fun by making a snowman and throwing snowballs, which L and N are dying to do.

10. Add a bit of Science

Compare the volume of the snow to the volume of water produced when it melts (from Steve Spangler Science) – for a bit of measuring, and to observe the melting process, reinforcing what happens when snow is warmed up.

Make fake snow with superabsorbent polymers like we did!

Catch snowflakes on black paper or card to have a closer look.  Compare how they look.

Observe what happens to the snow when you sprinkle salt onto it, like we did when we played with ice.


Enjoy your snowy weekend, and I hope we get enough snow here to try some of these out!


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