Nativity Sensory Box

This is something I’ve been meaning to do all week, but couldn’t quite decide what to put in.  In the end, we went for simplicity and used some Nativity figures we already had.  In an ideal world, I would have made peg dolls with multi-textures outfits, but this year it hasn’t quite happened.  I am also in love with this idea for Nativity Blocks from Kindred Spirit Mommy and it is definitely on my to-do list.

As for our box – we used a wicker basket for a stable, and filled it with real sawdust.  With hindsight, there are much less messy ways to recreate a stable.  Sawdust was trodden all over our house from this box, and whilst the children had great fun playing with it I’m not sure the sawdust is to be recommended.  A friend has since suggested that shredded paper (the kind used for wrapping presents) is a good alternative.  We could also have reused the cornflakes from our Autumn sensory box

The best part of putting this box together was involving L and N in the process, as they got really involved in acting out the Nativity Story.  L remembered the detail and gave the three wise men each a pot of glitter to represent gold, frankincense and myrrh.



N added some cotton wool balls to represent the sheep being looked after by the shepherds, and we made a star to shine over the stable out of a gold pipecleaner.


L and N did play with this for a long time, whilst F loved investigating the sawdust (she loved it but I can’t pretend I did – there was a lot of sprinkling and tossing about of sawdust from all three (I did get carried away and made the sawdust ridiculously deep!).

Here is our completed box:


Messy it was, but they did enjoy it, and it did serve its purpose in getting L and N engaged in some play around a nativity theme.  We were able to talk at length about the story whilst playing and it did bring it to life for them.  It also introduced F to the story in a way that was accessible to her, as she could handle the figures with supervision, alongside her touch and feel Nativity book. So whilst this wasn’t my dream sensory Nativity, it definitely did the job, and also showed that these things are achievable even at the busiest time of year.




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