Our Advent Calendar

So…doing the rounds of the blogosphere are wonderful ideas for celebrating Advent / preparing for Christmas.  As a teenager I babysat for a family who had the most wonderful home-made Advent calendar, fabric with pockets containing little gifts for each day of advent.  Last year I decided to do something similar for L and N (F was just a little bump and a wiggle back then) – I love the idea of having a special family calendar that comes out every year, that the children will really remember.

But what to put in the pockets?  Brilliant ideas I have come across include:

* A part of the nativity story

* A verse from the bible to discuss together

* A traditional Christmas story

* A piece of a Christmas jigsaw, so you build the jigsaw togetherthroughout Advent and finish it on Christmas Eve.

(Apologies that I don’t know where these ideas came from so I can’t link back; they are just ideas I gathered when deciding what to make).

Here is what I decided on for our family:


The background is a red tablecloth.  the tree and pockets, along with the numbers are felt, firsdt stuck with wonderweb and then sewn around using blanket stitch for decoration.

Inside each pocket is a miniature bauble to hang on the tree, so we decorate the tree throughout Advent.

This year, I plan to put a sentence describing part of the Nativity in each pocket, so that L and N can draw a picture to go with it – so as Advent progresses we end up with a telling of the Nativity in picture around our living room.  We will post pictures when it happens!


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