Flat Stanley Goes on Holiday

We have been reading Flat Stanley together.  I chose it as a wind-down after school activity, because it is a book that is not too simple for L, yet N can still understand and follow the story.  Both love it, and appreciate the humour.

In the book, there is a part where Stanley goes to visit his friend in America, and to save money he is posted in an envelope instead of going on a plane (being flat and all).  He even takes a sandwich with him.  So we decided to play a game based around that idea, and also have fun learning about different parts of the country, giving L and N some idea of geography, history and culture (in a fun and arty way of course).

Yesterday, we made our own Flat Stanleys.  I asked L and N to copy the picture of Stanley from the cover of the book.  I wanted them to observe the shapes and colours and have a go at drawing what they saw.  I was impressed with their Stanleys.  A few weeks ago, L would have been overwhelmed by the idea and told me he couldn’t do it.  he would probably have got upset because he couldn’t make Stanley look exactly like the picture on the book.  But his creativity and confidence has increased so much that he didn’t bat an eyelid.  N, on the other hand, seems to have learnt from L, and was very careful and observant in drawing what she saw (including the v neck of Stanley’s jumper).  Here is what they drew:

Stanley on the book cover

N’s Stanley

L’s (unfinished) Stanley – he added hair and coloured in the clothes

We cut out and laminated our Stanleys, and the children wrote their names on the back (N traced a highlighter outline of hers, which I much prefer to joining dots).

We wrote letters to go with our Stanleys – L thought through what he could write, and wrote it independently.  N traced sentences and picked out the word “Stanley”.

Today, we out Stanley and his letters in an envelope and put him in the post – he is off on holiday.  His first stop is Grandma and Grandpa’s house on Guernsey.  When he comes back from holiday, we will mark on a map where he has been, and learn a bit about Guernsey.  I’ll then get on people’s nerves include friends and family in our game, by sending Stanley to visit.

Watch this space for Stanley’s adventures!





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