Paint Blowing Firework Pictures

We took inspiration for this from one of our favourite TV Programmes, Mr Maker.  Blowing paint around seems like a fun idea as well as a new take on one of L and N’s favourite activities (painting), and we thought it would make perfect fireworks.

We used ready mixed glittery poster paints, slightly watered down, blobs of paint on black card, and blew through straws.

We experimented a bit with the consistency of the paint – runnier produced more explosive fireworks and mixed the colours better, but too runny tended to result in one colour dominating the picture.  We found that a 50:50 ratio of paint and water worked well.

We added some glitter and star-shaped sequins for extra sparkle.

And here are the results:

– Fantastic Fireworks!

I think another great idea would be to try this with glow-in-the-dark paint! Or to get another effect, using spray paints, or using those mister sprays for watering plants.  Another simple idea that the children loved!


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