Bonfire Night Sensory Bath

It’s been a while since our first sensory bath, but the children do often ask for colour in the bath, and for an extra special treat, bath paints.  A bonus side effect is that both L and N know colour mixing really well!

F has graduated to the big girl’s bath seat, in which she has been able to join in more fully, and she enjoyed her first proper sensory bath (a red + yellow = orange Autumn Leaf theme) very much.  This is a brilliant way of letting her have water play without the mess, and solves the problem of her not being able to reach into a deep enough container to water play in the kitchen)

L and N have enjoyed experimenting with pipettes, and once they had mastered using them properly they found a whole new way to play with them, experimenting with the vaccuum they could create – the effects were quite disturbing!

– But I still think it is brilliant watching the unexpected ways they use these toys, and the things they can discover for themselves.

Back to today’s bath, in which we did something slightly different…

For Bonfire Night, we added glow sticks to our bath and turned out the lights!  It was great fun.  The children still wanted coloured water even though we couldn’t see it, so we went for orange bonfire coloured water (in the pictures with the flash, it looks green, I promise it was orange!).

Nobody was scared, everybody loved it, even tiny little F, who happily waved a glowstick around and watched her brother and sister’s antics.

L and N first played sparklers, watching the way the light moved when they waved their glowsticks slowly, then quickly – “it looks like there’s two, mummy!”

They then made rainbows:

and lanterns of various colours, involving some colour sorting and counting

They then played a number game for ages, sharing different numbers of glow sticks equally between two, then between three.  But aside from this obvious learning, they were very happy just watching the glowsticks in the water.  Again, it struck me how little children need to play and learn – I’d worried that this bath needed more elements to it, but it didn’t – a few pound shop glow sticks in the dark was all the fun they needed, and all they needed to spark their own imaginations.

Once F was getting dry (picture included due to extreme cuteness)…

… L and N got more technical, and made fireworks with Daddy, which dangled and spun.  F really enjoyed playing with these in the dark bedroom too!

We kept our glow sticks in the freezer to test something I read about them keeping longer that way.  We will let you know (as we might well repeat this bath again tomorrow!)


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