Autumn Leaf Play

What children don’t love playing in the Autumn leaves?  L, N and F certainly do, and enjoyed playing with tubs of leaves so much that we decided to upscale the fun by filling the trampoline full of Autumn leaves to play in.  It was like a giant sensory tub!  Any enclosure would do, a play pen, a paddling pool – but the bouncing element certainly added to our enjoyment.

Collecting the leaves was fun in itself, and gave us an excuse for another Autumn nature walk, this time with a reason to collect bags and bags of leaves.  L and N loved scooping up armfuls of leaves and carrying their own bags home.

F enjoyed the fresh air and watching the leaves fall from the trees

Emptying the bags of leaves onto the trampoline was fun, and their excitement as they realised what we were doing was infectious.  This was one of those activities where they are physically and mentally free, and it was all on a big, whole-body scale, the scooping up lots of leaves, the playing in them – and they loved it!

So we had a trampoline full of Autum leaves, and we set to play.


Throwing and catching




jumping and crunching

rolling and exploring

sitting and feeling   













The photos don’t really capture the energy of it, or their delighted squeals and giggles.  So easy, so much fun for all – definitely a winner for burning off Autumn energy and for outdoor play now that the paddling pool has gone to sleep for the winter!