Introducing the Sensory Sack

We have a new toy!

Inspired by this:

And these:

We have this:

The Sensory Sack

The first image is of course a pack of wipes.  Boring to us, but fascinating if you happen to be six months old.  It crinkles beautifully, with an interesting texture and a pleasing sound, allowing you to experiment with cause and effect (producing the sound) as well as investigating its feel and developing hand-eye co-ordination.

F has been fascinated by baby wipe packets for the past few weeks, and they entertain her for longer than any expensive toy.

The senond image is a taggie.  Well, two taggies.  One was given to N when she was born, and the other a more recent “Welcome to the World” present for F.  Both these Taggies, coincidentally, come from Unique Kids, a delightful shop in beaumaris, North Wales, not far from where we live.  I love these Taggies, and so do my children.  Such a simple idea, a fleecy comfort blanket with rib bons of various different textures attached.  Babies spend ages with these, for play by day and comfort at sleep time.  My three year old still likes to sleep with hers, and F’s is her favourite toy.

The Sensory Sack has combined these two baby-mesmerising objects.  I made it like this:

  1. Cut a rectangle of soft fleecy material.
  2. Cut an equally sized rectangle of a textured material with an eyecatching, bold, spotty design.
  3. Placed a baby wipe packet between the two.
  4. Roughly sewed the two pieces of material together (I was going to sew them wrong sides together and turn inside out but in the end I liked the way it looked sewn together roughly, so I didn’t bother – it will probably fray.  Pinking shears would prevent this).
  5. Reinforced the stitching for safety.

I also embellished the Sensory Sack with a ribbon rosette, double, triple, quadruple reinforced and safety tested by L and N  (I asked them to try to pull it off, they couldn’t).

Here is F with her new toy (be forgiving when  you look at it, it was made in twenty minutes between puttin g the kids to bed and unloading the dishwasher, and designed to entertain my daughter rather than look professional – but I like to think its homespun appearance adds to its charm!)

I can see a lot of potential here – different fillings (lumpy pom poms, rice, pasta, big buttons, soft wadding, wiry wool…) – some fillings requiring more reinforcing for safety than others, I would probably sew a bag within a bag for the more risky ones like small beads.  And different textured fabrics (velvet, felt, oilcloth, corduroy, denim, cotton, fleece, craft foam, canvas, suede…) and embellishments (buttons, ribbons, pockets containing soft toys, even zippers and buttons for practise for older children…).  Themed Sensory Sacks, even large sensory cushions or blankets…

So simple, so easy, and so great.  We love them.


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