First Day at School

..Well, not really, seeing as L has been in the Nursery class at school for a year already.  But starting reception year still feels like a milestone, and everyone else seems to think this is his first day at school, so I wondered how we could make it special.

It occurred to me to make a special breakfast, but seeing as it takes us all our time to get everyone ready and out of the door in time for school, I decided we would celebrate when he came home.

N and I made a dinosaur cake, loosely related to our zoo activities in that leo has been dinosaur crazy since he saw the dinosaur exhibition at the zoo.  here it is:

Not professional looking at all, but we had fun making it, N enjoyed mixing and rolling out fondant, and adding the spots.  F played with a bit of squishy fondant icing and looked on from her bouncy chair.

A quick google search of “Back to School Traditions” the previous week had introduced me to the German Schultute, which caught my imagination as a memorable idea – traditionally filled with sweets and school supplies, we filled ours with toy dinosaurs, an audio book, a Roald Dahl magic set plus some pens and notebooks for Big Boys’ writing.  He was thrilled, and here it is:

I toyed with the idea of making N a “geschwistertute” – a smaller cone for siblings, but decided against it since this was L’s day and I wanted to accentuate the positives of going to school all day, and N will be getting a lot of my time and attention during the day.  I am also trying to introduce the concept that everyone gets treats but they aren’t necessarily identical.  I think it will do their self esteem good to understand that gifts are tailored to them as a person, and for the older two children to be treated and valued as individuals and not as a unit (I hope!).  There wasn’t much Schultute-envy and being involved in the process was all N needed to get excited about giving her brother his present – she could hardly wait for him to get home from school!


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